A Eulogy for David Diprose


Greg Diprose


Given in St David’s Cathedral, Hobart on

28 June 2011


Friends and family

Thank you for bringing your respect and your love here today and thank you for the flowers.

I especially want to thank Dianne and Alison, Tom and Nina for their love and support of Jane always.

From very early in his life, David created his own path - he was bright, gifted, passionate and selfish.

His notable career at University lasted through many seasons.

He married Kerrie, he married Jenny and he had a son, Edward*.

He had many jobs but he could not be a public servant, nor the servant of any master - rather, he ran his own businesses, owned bookshops - he loved books - and he went broke selling computers in North Sydney.

His journey has been quixotic and varied.

I want to tell you a story about David:      He had a bookshop in Prahran and I was instructing in Melbourne in the mid 70s and David rang and said “We’re playing Bridge tonight” <OK> He was very excited about a new book on the Precision System and we’d be using that <OK> So we had a coffee and David explained in detail Precision bidding for, it seemed, at least 10 minutes and off we went to the Bridge Club.

We bid up boldly, played aggressively, won some, lost some but relatively we were doing very well, when, in a post-mortem, our opponent turned to me and said “I thought you played Precision” <Yes> “That’s not Precision, you bid ~this and this and this~”.  Now, not to do what you purport to do in Bridge bidding is a capital offence. Well, I was as precise as I could be after only an hour or so with it, but David leapt to my defence. He knew precisely what he was doing, we understood each other and we were OK.  To a purist, he was wrong.  To David we were communicating and we were winning – there was nothing wrong at all!

About 10 years ago David came home to Tasmania and started again - and he found true love

Jane has taught us a lesson about love – Through tough times, her unstinting, unwavering love has been wonderful - and I think how fortunate we men are to live in the love of a woman– or indeed any person of any persuasion, whose partner loves as Jane loves David

This Cathedral of St David was my spiritual home for many years when I sang in the choir. We sang the Psalms of David: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills...” and so on


[In my mind, a solo boy soprano sings:

Come unto Him, all ye that labour; 

Come unto Him, that are heavy-laden,

and He will give you rest.

Take His yoke upon you and learn of Him,

For He is meek and lowly of heart,

and ye shall find rest,

and ye shall find rest unto your souls.     ]


Our family had always been involved and invested in the church and I’m pleased that, at the end of his journey, David has come to this place to find rest

I wish you all Peace and Love 


Greg Diprose   28 June 2011




Notes:  The section in brackets [    ] was omitted in the Cathedral

* For more about Edward Diprose, please refer to his dedication on Facebook