Below are some images from the funeral reception which took place at Lola and Geoff Burrows' place on 5 May 2011.

Michael Denholm, Carol Glass, Ken Burrows, Helina Nielsen, Carol Vincent.

Ian Mundy, Helina Nielsen, Sukey Johnson and Muriel Wolfe.

Lindsay Nelson, Carol and Ken Burrows

Dorothy Ryan and Jennifer Reid

Lydia Burrows

Bridgette Powell

Michael and Lydia Burrows

Juliet Reid

Ruth Carson and Rosie Reid

John Mundy

Lydia and Michael Burrows and Juliet Reid

Anne Burrows

Sophie Reid and Michael Burrows

Stephen Burrows and Juliet Reid

Anne Burrows, Cathy Spencer and Bridgette Powell

Lola Burrows and Sam Spencer

Sam Spencer and Rosie Reid

Lydia Burrows, Anne Burrows and Cathy Spencer

Geoff Burrows

Sophie Reid

Imke Mundy, Seb Mundy, Ian Mundy, Lola Burrows and Sophie Reid

Imke Mundy

Sam Spencer

Nana Mundy

Seb Mundy

Lola Burrows

Ian Mundy

Michael Denholm

Sophie Reid (left), Adam Holbrook (centre) and Tania Holbrook (right)